Commodity Brokering

Our team plays a strategic role as an international commodities broker agent and intermediary in the Agricultural, Metal & Energy commodities.

Global Sourcing

Trade Crest International Exports and Imports eliminates the risks and uncertainties associated with purchasing goods.

Quality Control Management

During the Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI), we cover all possible on site checks of your products: Product appearance, workmanship, safety and functionality.

Our Responsibility

We focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility in commodity supply chains


We conduct every prospect of business with honesty and transparency


We make every effort to achieve the maximum possible standards to deliver what we promise to customers and suppliers.


We make sure we take responsibility for the trust and faith the customer has shown towards us.


Commitment not only goes to the customer, but it reaches further to societies, communities and countries in which we work.

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Your business needs a strategic partner you can trust to help expand your capabilities by delivering quality products and integrated end-to-end services. At Trade Crest International Exports and Imports, we are proudly helping customers throughout the world with sourcing and supplying a wide range of products.

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