About Us

Trade Crest International Exports and Imports is an international trade, import/export consulting company serving various industries on the global market. With strong international expertise in various industries, our team provides insight and guidance through all your international trading business activities.

Through a keen understanding of international trade polices, we provide recommendations and insights that add value to your business. Our team of experts put their range of skills and competencies at your service in order to proficiently and professionally engage your executives, export manager and international sales force to fully comprehend the intricacies of international trade.

Trade Crest International Exports and Imports, expertise covers all the critical business needs of international trade business needs.

  • Strategic international sourcing service
  • Quality control management experts
  • Trading Consultants
  • Integrated shipping and 3 PL Logistics specialists
  • Customs Brokers
  • Warehousing and Distribution Agents

Our Vision

  • Our aim is to provide exceptional and customized services & solutions to both importers and exporters on the international market.
  • Our aspirations are to serve as a bridge between Manufacturer/Suppliers, importers and exporters and to create a reliable strategic supply chain for them to utilize.
  • This helps exporting companies penetrate new international markets, market their products or services and reduce the risks associated with conducting business in unfamiliar foreign markets.

Our Mission

  • Providing our business trade partners with the chance to enter to operate on the international markets with mitigated risk.
  • We also guarantee that our level of customer service will be incomparable to any other company in the business