Commodities Brokering & Trading Services

Our team plays a strategic role as an international commodities broker, agent and intermediary in the Agricultural, Metal & Energy commodities.

We offer real-time market pricing information and cooperate only with well-estabilished suppliers and first class quality certification companies. We have ample experience with import/export regulations, trade procedures and negotiations across cultures. We use only the safest procedures to make our trade negotiations successful, profitable and win-win for all the parties involved.

Our understanding of operational, competitive and regulatory environments in the commodities market is key to delivering relevent solutions that ensure compliance, promote efficiency, and create value for our clients. Our clients rely on the extensive experience and insight of our team to address their most complex challenges.

We use our sourcing expertise and our extensive international network to connect producers and suppliers with end-users and buyers of Agricultural, Metal & Energy commodities and we facilitate transactions between global buyers and sellers with discriminating focus on competitve pricing, product quality and a process that begins and ends with total and highly responsive solution for the client.

We specialized in the Agricultural commodities products like Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Palm Oil, Cassava , in Metal commodities products like Ferrous & Non Ferrous metals and in Energy commodities products like JP54, Furnace Oil.